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Who Are We?

SALOP is the manufacturer of high-quality packaging products for optical cases, watch boxes, jewellery boxes and other gift & premium items.

With over 30 years expertise in packaging manufacturing, starting from drawings, technical developments, prototyping and production, SALOP manufactures custom made products to satisfy the specific needs of the customers.


How can we help you?

Eyewear Case

Spectacle Case

Our spectacle cases offer different sytles combining with a wide variety of materials provide not only a practical but also stylish daily product.

Jewelry Case

Jewellery Box

Our jewellery boxes inspire emotions and add elegance and charm to the jewellery.

Watch Box

Our watch boxes reflect uniqueness of the brand and add values to treasure with.

Looking for tailor-made packaging solutions?
Let us help what you're looking for.


Our Work

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