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In Salop, we achieve our success by following our five main principles – providing Satisfactory services, inventing Aesthetic designs, as your Loyal partner, and with our Outstanding team, strive for Progress.

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SALOP Company Ltd. started as a trading company in 1988 and the first optical cases factory was set up in Zhongshan China in 1993. Ranging from producing metal clamshells, rigid cases, sewn cases and plastic cases, an all-rounded factory, complete with our very own design team and molding workshop is developed.

In 2003, we diversified into gift, watch and jewellery packaging business. To cope with our expansion, we established a subsidiary plant in the same district in 2012, focusing on the manufacturing of prestige watch and jewellery gift packaging.

Yet, our effort did not end here. To satisfy the production needs of our customers, we set up the third production site in Vietnam in 2022.

Over 30 years of professional experience, our dedication to providing high quality products and superior service has made us to stay as the leader of the industry.

As we enter our third decade of providing an assortment of packaging products, looking towards our future, we are committed to combining our experience with continuous modernization, SALOP expects to expand while still paying attention to manufacture high quality products and offer you promising service at a fair and competitive price. The ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers – the people who have really made us great company that we are today.


To be your trustworthy partner in the Packaging World


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SALOP is a Hong Kong based company with more than 700 employees operating in the three company-owned production facilities in China and Vietnam. In each of the three production sites, a shared working method is applied and managed by the Hong Kong parent company. The goal is to guarantee a uniform and precise process in every phase, to always offer high quality products.

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Salop Company Ltd.
Lok Wah Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Location : Hong Kong
A head office for sales, logistics and accounting


Lok Wah (Vietnam) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Location: Nam Dinh City, Vietnam
Area: 8,500 Square Meters
Newly set up in 2022
A centralized production for packaging cases
vietnam factory
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Zhongshan Salop Packaging Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Location: Zhongshan, China
Area: 7,000 Square Meters
An all-rounded production site for optical cases


Zhongshan Salop Packaging Manufacturing Co., Ltd. First Branch
Location: Zhongshan, China
Area: 5,000 Square Meters
An all-rounded production site for watch & jewellery boxes and displays
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We are committed to a socially and environmentally responsible company. We are constantly embracing responsibility to have a positive impact on the well-being of the communities.

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Certified since 2019

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Certified since 2021

SGS 9001 002

Certified since 2014


Certified since 2021