Here you will find innovative, aesthetic and functional optical and watch and jewellery packaging solutions tailor-made for your products.

  • Dimensions: 83X83X65MM
    Ref: 190313C008
  • Dimensions: 81X81X86MM
    Ref: 190313C011
  • Dimensions: 66X66X56MM
    Ref: 230422C008
  • Dimensions: 71X71X51MM
    Ref: 230422C002
  • Dimensions: 86X86X56MM
    Ref: 230422C003
  • Dimensions: 121X121X51MM
    Ref: 230422C013
  • Dimensions: 66X66X56MM
    Ref: 230330C003
  • Dimensions: 90X90X54MM
    Ref: 230330C009
  • Dimensions: 57X57X51MM
    Ref: 230411C002
  • Dimensions: 57X57X51MM
    Ref: 230411C003/230411C004
  • Dimensions: 82X82X53MM
    Ref: 230411C010
  • Dimensions: 251X61X39MM
    Ref: 230411C019/230411C020