Here you will find innovative, aesthetic and functional optical and watch and jewellery packaging solutions tailor-made for your products.

  • Dimensions: 71X66MM
    Ref: 190227B003
  • Dimensions: 166X151MM
    Ref: 200609B002
  • Dimensions: 98X98MM
    Ref: 230308B002
  • Dimensions: 180X90MM
    Ref: 230403B003
  • Dimensions: 125X168MM
    Ref: 181213B001
  • Dimensions: 110X125MM
    Ref: 190105B002
  • Dimensions: 88X108MM
    Ref: 190103B002
  • Dimensions: 118X116X49MM
    Ref: 191206B003
  • Dimensions: 63X65MM
    Ref: 190114B002
  • Dimensions: 136X111MM
    Ref: 200609B001
  • Dimensions: 106X96MM
    Ref: 190227B001
  • Dimensions: 121X111MM
    Ref: 191128B001